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For Commercial, Multi-Family Buildings and Home Inspections, call our multi-language Call Center at (888) 201-0090 or click the red button to schedule your inspection online.

Your home should be inspected by a licensed Texas Real Estate Commission home inspector today! All Under Construction Home Inspections employees and contractors are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Purchasing a new home is a precious investment. Any defect in your investment can create devastating financial loss for any home owner. Under Construction Home Inspections is dedicated to providing efficient and cost effective home inspections to alleviate the frustration many home owners face. Under Construction Home Inspections inspectors will thoroughly and professional inspect homes; evaluating every aspect of your future property.

Need an Onsite Multilingual Home Inspection?

Please note: Languages interrupted by Google Translate on our website are not 100% accurate and intended to invite and engage non-English speaking / ESL visitors and make aware of our Home Inspection Translation service.  Our multilingual call center does provide native fluent speakers during the inspection.  For more information please call (888) 201-0090