Money Saving Tips

Here are some great tips to help save you money in your home:

  • Use windows or ceiling fans instead of your A/C. It uses less energy and seting the thermostat to the highest comfort level will keep you comfortable and decrease the energy bill.
  • Shower, was dishes and laundry during the earlier morning hours. It’s cooler during this time and will cause less strain on your air conditioning system.
  • Unplug appliances, computers or other electronics that are not in use.
  • Use your microwave, pressure cooker, or toaster oven instead of your stove.
  • Keep blinds, drapes, and window coverings closed.
  • Set your refrigerator between 37-40 degrees (F) and keep the refrigerator stocked.

Remember, minor maintenance and a few simple preventative measures will go a long way in saving you money in the future!