View Agreement, Reports and Payment Instructions

Step 1. After Scheduling your Appointment, you will receive a confirmation email

Email show the date, time and address of your appointment as well as indicates a subsequent email
will be sent with your Contract and needs to be agreed to electronically.

Step 2. Inspection Agreement Email arrives in your inbox.

A link and login information is enclosed. Follow instructions as detailed in the email.

Step 3. Clicking on link brings you to the login screen. At anytime you canlogin by visiting our website

Step 4. Once logged in you will access your inspection “portal.” Click on the orange “View Document”
button to view Inspection Agreement.

Step 5. Your Inspection Agreement will open up. As indicated, in order for us
to proceed with the inspection, Please click on “I Agree” button down below.

Step 6. Upon clicking the agree button, a confirmation screen opens and an email is automatically sent to the inspector.
You are now all set for our professional inspection! Please call ASAP if you have need to make any changes 888.201.0090.

Step 7. After the inspection, an email will arrive notifying you your home inspection report is complete.Email-Report

Step 8. To access your report, click on the link in the email and follow instructions.

FYI Username and password are the same as for the Inspection Agreement

Step 9. The “portal screen” appears as before, only this time you have links for a Report and Invoice.
Notice where it says “Not Paid” in red. You will need to Click on the “Pay Now” button.

Step 10. Payment Gateway appears with customer information.
Please enter credit card information to complete

FYI You must first make a payment In order to view the report.
However if you paid Home Inspector directly, (check, card swipe, etc.) than please disregard.

Step 11. Upon Payment “portal” screen reappears. Notice now says “Paid” in green.
Congratulations, you can now view your report!

Step 12. View Report. Our reports are made up in html and save as .pdf so you can easily download and print.
Remember your reports are secure and backed up. If you ever need a copy, simply login again!

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